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Our Essential Oil Picks to Pair with Your Liveli All In System

Here at Liveli, we’re all about incorporating healthy habits so we can #LiveAllIn every day. If you’re wellness junkies like we are, then you’ve probably heard a thing or two about essential oils. Today on the blog, we’re finding the best essential oils to pair with your All In System.

Need to focus? Try some Peppermint.

You’ve got a big presentation to prepare for at work. There’s a big exam coming up for class. You need to get the house clean before your in-laws come into town. First step — you take your Focus Clearli. Check. Now what?

Try incorporating a little peppermint oil to help you really get into that “get things done” mindset. Put some in your diffuser, dab a bit onto your wrists or your pulse points, or mix with water in a spray bottle and spritz around your workspace. Remember when you had a big test in grade school and your teacher would give you a peppermint beforehand? Same effect here, but without the sugar.  


Catch some Zzzzz’s with Lavender.

It’s been a long day and you’re ready to get some sleep, but your brain just won’t shut off. You just took your Sleep Peacefulli. Now you’re on the hunt for an essential oil to pair it with. Our favorite? Lavender.

Lavender is known for its relaxation properties and is a great way to wind down from a busy day. We love its floral fragrance and its ability to help support a good night's sleep. Besides diffusing and topical applications, we love spritzing some lavender spray on our pillows before bed, or even sticking some into a bouquet for a decorative touch on our bedside table.  


The Cure-All: Eucalyptus

We love taking our Restore Dayli to give us the vitamins we need for our daily health upkeep. We really love pairing it with our essential oil cure-all Eucalyptus. Whether it’s supporting our immune systems, aiding in muscle pain alleviation, or acting as a huge stress reliever — Eucalyptus pretty much does it all. Looking for a creative way to incorporate Eucalyptus into your self-care routine? We like to pick up a bunch at our local farmer’s market or grocery store and hang it on our shower head. The steam from the shower releases its oils and all of its benefits — and also keeps our bathrooms smelling fresh.

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