A new level of wellness.
Be well. Be healthy. Be happy.

Our mind and body are connected. In the way we move, what we consume, and how we're inspired. When you nourish holistically and naturally, you open your mind to new outcomes.

We were tired of miracles potions with mystery ingredients and empty promises... quick fixes and short-lived habits. That doesn't move us forward, it should us back.
Pure formulas that elevate.

We don't hope to progress, we choose to. So we set out to create the best products to fuel our everyday well-being.

In our products we honor and preserve CBD as nature intended. We use sustainably farmed, whole plant hemp that's been nurtured from seed through harvest and is naturally crafted into a fine powder for enhanced absorption.

No chemicals, extraction, or solvents. Just pure + potent, full-spectrum CBD.

Small changes,
life changing rituals.

We don't believe in a magical one-time fix. It's the small changes that add up to a big impact on our overall well-being.

Our products were created to be used every day and incorporated into your daily rituals as easily as possible. Whether it's your favorite green smoothie or your post-workout protein shake, we're here to elevate you to a new normal.

A note from our founder.

It's been my philosophy since co-founding Suja Juice (the market's first pressed, non GMO organic juice) back in 2012 to make life better.

I carried it on at Kopari where we built on the many uses of clean and organic coconut oil, and bring that philosophy now to Liveli. We've brought continued innovation to consistently good ingredients, which is the cornerstone of all my brands.

An interesting thing happened as I took the time to learn about CBD. I became a believer. We've created a revolutionary superfood that is cold-pressed in a chemical-free process that maintains the whole integrity of the plant and promises the purest bio-availability in capsule and drink form.

In the sea of me-too merchandise with poor quality, Pureli is a breath of fresh air. Ingredient-conscious shoppers see right through marketing, and like our product on the inside, we keep the messaging clean.

So here's to making life better. May you do it Pureli.

James Brennan, Liveli Co-Founder