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Secret weapon for a better tomorrow!

I know the key to a productive day is a good night’s sleep … Sleep Peacefulli not only helps me fall asleep & stay asleep, but I don’t awake with a groggy feeling the next morning. I'm not a morning person at all, but when I take the sleep supplement, I can't wait to jump out of bed and I have great energy throughout the day. It's a great complement to the other products, but it works great by itself too! This is definitely going to be on my nightstand forever!

Beth D.
United States United States
  • What is your age? 55
  • How long have you been taking the product? Over 6 months
  • Would you recommend a friend to take Liveli? Yes! I would recommend Liveli to a friend.
Outstanding producy

I have been using sleep for almost a year. Melatonin was my go to sleep aid before I found the liveli product. Sleep peacefulli is far more effective in helping me to fall and stay asleep through the night. As a result, my overall health, mental and physical has dramatically improved.

Stanley P.
United States United States
Wonderful product

It actually works. I have a better sleep and no side effects in the morning.

Bev H.
United States United States
First Truly Great Sleep in 25 years!

Seriously. I have struggled to sleep more than 4-6 hours/night since my early 30’s (I am nearly 61 now). I hesitated to try this as I did not expect anything to help. The first night I slept 7:30 hours! I have had several 8 hour nights since starting this product. I have never struggled to fall asleep but rather to stay asleep. I am sleeping longer before awakening. What used to be 2:30-3AM now stretches most nights to 4 or 5AM. Most importantly, if/when I do awaken early, I am able to get back to sleep almost immediately! I can only hope it lasts as I no longer dread going to bed expecting to toss and turn and instead am waking up refreshed and well rested!

Dorothy H.
United States United States
  • Would you recommend a friend to take Liveli? Yes! I would recommend Liveli to a friend.
  • How long have you been taking the product? Over 1 year
  • What is your age? 55
Reliable & dependable

This product works for me. I have had sleep issues for years & still do so finding this product has been so helpful for me. I can depend on this